We will usually meet on Fridays at 9:30 AM from May 3 to July 19, with the exception of the May 8 trip, at 9:30 on a Wednesday.

The following schedule showcases what we consider to be particularly good places and times for flowering plants (and mushrooms). Bring water, lunch and appropriate clothing/footwear for the day (we are usually done by 2 PM). Meeting time and place will be confirmed the week before each outing by email and on the CONC calendar.

Email for further details.

Date Location
May 3 Beaver Lake Road/to 1st cattleguard
May 8 – Wednesday Knox Mountain/Apex & Grainger trails
May 17 Lower Scenic Canyon
May 24 Beaver Lake Road/to lodge
May 31 Jackpine Meadows/Telemark Nordic
June 7 Three Forks Community Park
June 14 Wrinkly Face Park
June 21 Prather Creek
June 28 Larch Hills Nordic
July 5 Big White Rd/FSR 201
July 12 Jackpine Meadows revisit
July 19 Big White summit
Sept 12 Mushroom outing

What are we looking at?

Arrow-leafed Balsamroot
Arrowleaf balsamroot, Balsamorhiza sagittata

Scarlet gilia

Carpooling is encouraged. The contribution paid to the driver for gasoline is shown on the Activities page.

Contact information for the executive. Contact the CONC webmaster. For general questions, use this link.

Last update: 2024 04 08