Information for Everyone

Information for Everyone

Information for anyone considering joining or rejoining CONC

Click for a fillable (DOCX) application form! Updated 2018 August 26 with new rates

Click for a printable (PDF) application form! Updated 2018 August 26 with new rates

Dues are $35 for singles, $47 for families, $14 for students and members of other BCNature-affiliated clubs, and cover September of one year through August of the next. A supplement is charged if you want to receive the newsletter by post.

There are several ways to submit your membership application.

The first is to email your completed application to Pay dues by e-transfer to When you create the e-transfer, the process will ask for “additional: information”; please note your full name(s) in the field for providing additional information.

The second is to bring your completed membership application and dues to one of our monthly meetings.

The third way is to send your membership application and dues to:

P.O. Box 21128
Orchard Park P.O.
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 9N8

The fourth way is to bring your completed membership application and dues to one of our activities and give it to a member of the executive.

Advantage of Membership

Membership brings you our monthly newsletter (Central Okanagan Naturalist), a subscription to the quarterly BCnature from BC Nature (the Federation of BC Naturalists), and participation in club activities.


If you wish to participate in club activities, please first read the activity policy.

You should be aware that activities involve some level of risk. Please read the risk assessment and mitigation policy or its summary.

If you are a club member, you have already signed a waiver. If you are a visitor, you will be required to sign this waiver before participating in the activity.


When going on activities, we make a donation to the driver to cover costs. Recognizing that our contributions to drivers for carpooling costs are too low and needed updating, the Executive Committee recently endorsed an increase in suggested contributions from $0.10/km to $0.15/km. After doing some rounding to keep it simple, we recommend the following table of suggested contributions/passenger, all subject to future change:

<20 km: $3
2130 km: $4
3035 km: $5
3545 km: $6
4560 km: $8
6085 km: $10

85120 km: $15
120150 km: $20
150185 km: $25
185220 km: $30
220250 km: $35
250285 km: $40

Contact information for the executive. Contact the CONC webmaster. For general questions, use this link.

Last update: 2022 02 03