Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee, and members of CONC in general, are concerned with the preservation and restoration of natural areas in the Central Okanagan and beyond. This particularly applies to wetlands.

Some of the conservation activities in which CONC participates:

  • Planting of native plants at the Chichester wetlands,
  • Birding and botany surveys at Knox Mountain,
  • Planning for a bird viewing platform at Robert Lake,
  • Providing input to the City of Kelowna and the Central Okanagan Regional District regarding park planning,
  • Assisting the École KLO Middle School Environmental Club to complete their reclamation work on Fascieux Creek, and
  • Stream cleaning along Mission Creek and in the Maude-Roxby Wetland
  • Botany surveys in West Kelowna

As a result of the Conservation Committee activities, we have published the following documents.

Looking to the future CONC, provides a bursary, in cooperation with the Central Okanagan Bursary and Scholarship Society, for students planning a career in an environmental field.

For details about other conservation activities and a meeting schedule, please contact the CONC president, Douglas J. Graham, at president at okanagannature dot org.

Additional reference material is available

In case a trip to a site is necessary, car pooling is encouraged. The rate paid to the driver is shown on the Activities page.

Contact information for the executive. Contact the CONC webmaster. For general questions, use this link.

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