2020 January 22

2020 January 22

Well, we are in the midst of a little thaw. After the bitterly cold weather last week (which resulted in the cancellation of two snowshoe trips and one birding trip), the daily highs are once again above zero.

If you are still indoors, you may be interested in these items on the Internet.

A quiz that will answer the question What bird are you most like? Apparently I am most like a Rock Pigeon, of all things.

A study that shows sparrows’ voices change as they age. Old Swamp Sparrows are less threatening

Some people bird while driving. Some botanize while driving. This is a book for the latter. A Practical Guide to Roadside Wildflower Viewing. Even if you are not a botanist you may get a kick out of this one.

Some interesting pictures. Make sure that as you identify each image you Say it out loud.


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