About the Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club

CONC is a naturalists’ club based in Kelowna, BC, part of the Central Okanagan. Please note that we are a group interested in birds, botany, cycling, hiking, and snowshoeing (in the appropriate seasons); we are not interested in running around naked.

We organize a variety of weekly activities and hold monthly meetings to discuss club business and see a presentation on a topic of interest to the club. A few members, active or retired professionals, produce scientific articles. Details are available on the About Us page.

Many members participate on local, regional, and provincial bodies whose interests reflect the club’s.

CONC is involved with December/January Christmas Bird Counts, the January Sweagle (swan and eagle) Count, and with the May/June Okanagan Mountain Park Critter Count.

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Membership information is available on the Information for Everyone page.

Upcoming activities

Wednesday hikes/snowshoe trips (and Saturday hikes/snowshoe trips and Friday bicycle trips) are described on the Hiking page.

Thursday birding trips, Saturday birding trips, and the spring and fall Monday birding trips are described on the Birding page.

Friday botany trips in the spring are described on the Botany page.

Monthly Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, September through May, at 7:00 p.m., with a picnic in June

Next meeting: 12 March 2019

Why ecological reserves matter

The Guest Presentation: Darwin, God and Nature

The Presenter: Don Guild, ecological reserve warden of Big White and Browne Lake Ecological Reserves

About the presentation: Find out about the BC ecological reserve system, how they differ from parks and other protected areas, and the purposes for which they were created. Learn specifically about the Big White and Browne Lake ecological reserves in the Central Okanagan, which both lie to the east of Okanagan Lake, but at different elevations.

About the speaker: Don Guild, who experienced nature first hand growing up in Jasper, Alberta, has been the ecological reserve warden for the Big White and Browne Lake reserves since taking over responsibility for them from Dieter Overhoff in 2009. He has been an ardent naturalist in the Okanagan since moving here in 1983, taking a keen interest in all aspects of the biodiversity of the ecosystem that surrounds us.

More details on this and other upcoming CONC meetings: Upcoming CONC meetings document.

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