The Botany Calendar

We meet at the Apple Bowl on Fridays at 9:15 AM from spring through early fall. The following dates showcase what we consider to be particularly good places and times for blooming flowers. Bring water, lunch and appropriate clothing/footwear for the day (we are usually done by 2 PM).

Contact Peter Green (250 765 1737) for additional details.

Date and Location

Flowers you’ll see (amongst others)


May 5 Beaver Lake Road

  Ballhead waterleaf

  Chocolate lily

  Early blue violet


May 12 Knox Mountain

  Arrowleaf balsamroot




May 19 Mission Creek EECO area

  Spreading dogbane

  Swale desert-parsley

  Mountain ladyslipper


May 26 Jackpine Meadow/Telemark

  Cusick’s paintbrush

  Three-leaved lewisia

  Buttercup-leaved suksdorfia


June 2 Wrinkly Face Park

  Needle-leaved navarettia

  Orange arnica

  Alpine lewisia


June 9 Three Forks and area

  Calypso orchid

  Blue clematis

  Mariposa lily


June 16 KVR or High Rim Trail off Postill Lake Rd

  Violet suksdorfia

  Spotted saxifrage

  Shrubby penstemon


June 23 Larch Hills

  Round-leafed sundew

  Wild ginger

  Bog cranberry


June 30 Prather Creek

  Yellow monkey-flower

  Arctic lupine

  Common moonwort


July 7 Big White

  Pink monkey-flower

  Tow-headed baby

  Broad-leaved willowherb


July 14 McCulloch Rd/Hydraulic Lake/Nordic Ski

  Hooded ladies’ tresses

  Fragrant bog-orchid

  Sharptooth angelica