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Ramblers and Wanderers Schedules

The Ramblers pursue the shorter and/or easier trips. The Wanderers pursue portions of the trips the Ramblers pursue. That is they may not go as far or they may not go as fast. Ramblers and Wanderers hike on Wednesdays.

Please read this document before attending a Ramblers or Wanderers event.

Note that the document was written for the Sole Survivors but, except for the notes on cycling, it applies to all hiking trips.

Special rules for Ramblers and Wanderers: We share driving; riders pay the driver 10 per km on return to the parking lot for gas. We need to have a couple of more leaders to fill the spots where “Merle” occurs.  Thanks for helping.

Contact information: Merle Auty  auty1781@gmail.com, 250-861-4500 or 250-575-1609 (cell,only available hiking days after 7:30 am on the morning of the hike.)

Use the Google calendar below to find an event. Note that the events in the calendar are subject to change.  If the calendar does not display properly (an occasional problem with Firefox), please use another browser.

Use the instructions in this document to print the Google calendar.